New York Women’s Alterations and Tailor Services

ny-women-tailoring-servicesThe right tailor can make the difference between a garment that simply looks good on you, to a garment that absolutely makes you look stunning and makes you turn heads. With nearly three decades of altering women’s clothes, our satisfactory ratings have risen very high and all items worked on are backed up by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

Our qualified tailors are highly skilled in all types of women’s alteration requirements, from women’s professional wear, women’s casual wear and women’s formal dresses and gowns. We also offer everything from basic alterations to complete restyles for women, just imagine a wardrobe that is made to fit you.

ny-ann-taylor-alterationsFashion Re-Styling

At 6 Avenue Tailors, our skilled tailors can bring any of your fabulous outdated, old fashioned or vintage items back to life with only a few expert alterations.

Advanced Dress Alterations

We offer advanced expert tailoring and alteration services in Chiffon, Sequin, Silk, Crystal, Lace Work, Breading, Swarovski, fine fabrics and much more.

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Women’s Alterations Pricing Information:


EACH SEAM: for any women’s jacket, pants, blouse, skirt. – $20
DRESS SEAM: to take in or let out each seam of a dress – $30
COAT SEAM: for any women’s outerwear, topcoat, raincoat. – $30
Extra fee may apply to special detail or fabric.
PLAIN HEM: total on pants plain hem.  $25 for pants cuff hem. $15
JEANS HEM: total to hem a pair of jeans. $25 for original jean hem. – $20
SKIRT HEM: to hem each individual layer of  a skirt. – $25
Extra fee may apply to special detail or fabric.
DRESS HEM: each yard is $25
Extra fee may apply to special detail or fabric.
ZIPPER REPLACE for women’s dress – $25

To decrease the size of a dress or make it smaller by a few sizes. – Starting at $80 and up –
To increase the size of a dress or make it bigger by a few sizes. – Starting at $150 and up

We do the following Women’s Alterations Services:

  • Repair and Replacement of all types of Zippers, Coat & Pant Linings or Pockets
  • Original Factory Finish Hems on Pants and Jeans
  • Shortening of Coat Sleeves from the Shoulder or the entire length of a Jacket
  • Replace Leather/Suede/Velvet Elbow Patches
  • Raise or Lower Armholes on Coats / Jackets
  • Removal of Pleats from Pants / Slacks
  • Make Real or Faux Buttonholes on Jacket Sleeves
  • Patch up holes and tears in Jackets & Pants
  • Create Center Vent or Side Vents on a Jacket

When alterations is not in your mind: When standard sizes don’t make you look your best, personal alteration is the answer. But not everybody wants to make alterations why not have a dress made to your liking. 6 Avenue Tailor provides advanced dress alteration on materials like chiffon, sequin, Swarovski, silk, and other fine materials. Apart from altertions we always get clients that want a specific dress made to measure. Bring your idea to life and look your best with a dress made to fit you perfect. click here for a preview.


Common Questions about our Women’s Alteration and Tailoring Services:


If I wanted to alter my dress, how long will it take?

Altering a dress can usually take one to seven days. Fortunately we offer same day service (additional fees may apply).
What is the cost to take in or let out the sides of a dress?
The cost of taking in or letting out the sides of a dress is $60.00 (two side seams at $30.00 per seam). Depending on the fabric additional fees may apply.
What is the price to hem the bottom of a dress?
The price to hem the bottom of a dress is $30.00 flat fee to hem each layer of the dress. Depending on the fabric additional fees may apply.
ny-tailor-1 Rush Alterations and Express Tailoring available.
ny-tailor-2 No job is too big or too small. Ask for Corporate Discounts.
ny-tailor-3 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy on every job.
ny-tailor-4 High quality alterations for Men, Women and Children.